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What is Resume Parsing?

What is Resume Parsing?

What is Resume Parsing? Resume parsing is used for more than human resources (HR) and recruitment. Resume parsing is quite common across industries, especially for proposal managers and government contracting teams. You can discover quite a few benefits using resume parser technology that are worth exploring.

In this article, read on to learn where resume parsing simplifies resource management and fast tracks business proposal responses for federal government contracting opportunities. Where those areas are not your specific field, don’t fret! Discover where resume parsing technology contributes to digital transformation and modernization for small business and large enterprise companies of different scope and delivery. Your organization could be next in line to modernize.

Before we go further, here is a standard definition of resume parsing:

Resume parsing is a method or technique that uses resume parsing software or technology to extract relevant data from employee or candidate resumes and profiles to generate a role-specific resume or CV document. 

The custom resumes and CV documents that are created are auto generated to meet criteria according to the request for resume (RFR) or request for proposal (RFP) document specifications. Proposal managers and HR professionals use resume parsing to improve efficiency in candidate identification and deadline sensitive proposal responses. 

You may be wondering what CV resume parsing has to do with your company if your small business, HR department, or large enterprise does not yet engage in government contracting. Keep reading. There’s more! Here are some real benefits to consider when using resume parsing online or even the best resume parser software to meet resource management or other goals:

Benefits to Resume Parsing:

As we stated before, resume parsing tools offer greater opportunities for efficiency and organization when your small business or human resource department is juggling multiple resumes for employees or candidates. The right resume parsing tools and technologies increase productivity, while offering these immediate benefits:

  • Automation. The best resume parser technology automates resume analysis for greater efficiency that saves time. This is especially necessary when finding a qualified candidate is time sensitive or project deadlines are contingent on having the right candidates fill a customer vacancy.
  • Skills Matrices. Resume parsing and CV parser tools allow you to create skills matrices that can be used to auto generate the new resume or compare a candidate’s listed skills with the required qualifications. Artificial intelligence does the work. No manual and time demanding analysis needed from your team!
  • Quick Analysis. The benefit above brings us to quick analysis. Save time analyzing resumes and candidate or employee qualifications with the best resume parsing tool. It generates comparative matrices to perform as more than a resume builder. Resume parsers take the work out of evaluating candidates to help build representative CVs for a specific role. 
  • Resume Storage. Perhaps one of the most endearing features of the best online resume parsing software is the ability to store candidate information once extracted in your internal database. Quick searches and customized resumes through intelligent automation make the hiring, employee reassignment processes, and RFR responses easier.      

Resume parsers extract information through intelligent automation and simplify the resume development process. Think of the simplicity possible when you must present role or project specific candidate resumes to a customer or project manager in less than 48 hours.  

That brings us to the next part… preparing a resume to outsmart a smart resume parser. 

What Should Candidates Know About Resume Parsing?

Technology is here to stay. Prospective job seekers and employees often allow their resumes to become outdated or lackluster in quality. Meanwhile, today’s small businesses and large enterprises are using resume parser technology to weed out poor resumes and identify the best candidates straight away. 

It is all about efficiency and accuracy. Of course, even a good resume is not a substitute for being able to deliver when doing the work on the job, yet it is a great start to get you in the door of a new job opportunity! 

Candidates looking for a job or new role should know that modern organizations leverage resume parser software. Resume parsing uses keyword queries to cross-reference job roles and job descriptions. Adding the right keywords to your resume that are common to industry-specific roles is a great way to have technology work in your favor. 

Yet, that is just the beginning. 

Resume parser software goes further with smart analysis that can determine where your experience meets qualifications. That includes years of experience with a particular skill set or industry relevant experience based on the descriptions you put on your resume. 

That means resume clarity and conciseness for job accomplishments and descriptions are the best way to go. Here is additional information that resume parser software extracts from your resume to build a candidate profile:

  • Background Information. Information on your professional background.
  • Volunteer Work. Work that you have completed or are still doing on a volunteer basis that is relevant to your prospective role.
  • Technical Skills. The technical, hard, and soft skills you possess to qualify you for a role.
  • Summary. An overview describing your specific experience and accomplishments in a particular industry or role.
  • Education. School, degree, certification, and career advancement information that has prepared you to perform in a specific role. 

Always leave off personally identifying information such as your date of birth or home address. After all, the purpose of a resume is to evaluate your skill level to perform in a job for short- or long-term roles. Information that is irrelevant may be distracting to the evaluator as well as cause for delay in parser extraction and analysis. 

Resume Parser Software Online 

Online tools offer your small business or large enterprise easy access to the best resume parser software. Candidates and internal users can work asynchronously online to provide, update, and maintain candidate and employee profiles whether working remote, in different time zones, or side-by-side. The best resume parsing software offer affordability and immediate solutions to an otherwise chaotic resource management pain point in your business.

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