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Unsuccessful resume Parse

Unsuccessful resume Parse: Technological advancements are something that we all opt for. Why do we need technology? Why do we need it when we have dedicated staff to work on these matters? When the HR department searches for a candidate for any respective role, they advertise and then start the search. Then they start receiving emails or responses to the advertisement for the job role. They must scan every document very carefully, formulate their synopsis and present it to the respective departments. Then the formal hiring process begins. But the search, analysis, and evaluation of the resumes and candidates is the most crucial aspect of the HR role.

Along with candidate search and recruitment procedure, there are other functions that the HR department handles, like Labour and workers laws, salary and package formulation, training and development, and people and task force management. In order to expedite the process of recruitment, the HR tech has been more dependent on an artificial intelligence tool – resume parse. Resume parsing allows the recruitment manager to make unbiased decisions, search and collect resumes and their data, analyze and then data-driven decision-making capabilities, speed up recruitment, and finally hire the most capable and suitable employee for the job.

Resume parse eases the whole recruitment and onboarding process; therefore, this technological advancement helps the HR department focus on other crucial issues. But as this resume parse provides you with so many benefits, there are negative factors that can impact the final decision. So, today we will understand resume parse’s negative or cons to ensure we overcome these issues and work more efficiently.

Where resume parse is unsuccessful  

  • Resume parse can only read selective formats like PDF, DOC, and Doc. x; therefore, the applications using this can be read and formulated into further data analysis. Because of this, the HR department might lose any other important candidate if they have used any other format of application.
  • As it is collecting data and analysis, therefore there are chances that the artificial intelligence tool might miss the critical highlights of the candidate if the structure of the resume is not the format that can be read by the AI or the spacing between the letters are not sufficient, if the resumes include photos, art or graphics, tables, headers and are in complex format, and if the job titles are mentioned incomplete. Therefore, for the resume of a candidate you are uploading, you must ensure that it is not too complicated and doesn’t have Columns or tables.
  • If the resume file shared is smaller, artificial intelligence tools will find it easier to convert the information as per its needs and data analysis. It will not read if the file contains images or graphics. Therefore, the resume parser has a size limit within which you can submit your data.
  • Fake details on the resume might be passed by the resume parser, as it would need to file the critical information, therefore if the candidate has mentioned like fake company name or address, then it will just automatically feed in; hence the HR manager would have to read through the data again. The resume parser can’t judge the resume’s authenticity or the applicants.
  • Common issues like if the internet breaks down or is too slow to upload the parse, then the resume parser will not parse the information correctly, and the breakdown of the communication might not be complete or not conducted properly. Therefore, it is essential that when you are using this tool, you must ensure that your internet connection is good. The uploading speed is excellent and fast, so the information shared on the parser is fed in correctly and appropriately.
  • Although all well-qualified and professional candidates have well-written and formatted resumes, if there is some difference in his resume, then there are chances that a highly suitable candidate might slip through the cracks of the resume parser. Therefore, as you are uploading your data on the resume parser, therefore as a candidate, you must ensure that your resume is updated and is readable by any parser and spacing is given properly between the letters.

Final Thought

Who doesn’t want to use technological advancement to make his job easier and faster? But with every technological advancement, there are some cons that one must be aware of. So, if we know that the resume parser is only suitable for formats like Doc, Doc. x, and PDF, we must upload these user-friendly formats. Applicant must not share images or art while uploading his data on the resume parser, as it would not accept and read it; instead, he should request the email ID of the recruiting manager and then share the details there. These are minimal issues that one might face with AI and the kind of work it does for your hiring manager. If you don’t take care of the issues that it might give, like if the file uploaded is not in the format it is required and spacing between the letter, uploading images and art, uploading a too large file and others, or the internet is not working correctly, then resume parser will not help you in the way you require it to do your task.




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