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How Does CV/Resume Parsing Work?

How Does CV/Resume Parsing Work? Resume parsing software tools use technology and machine learning to extract data and information from a resume document. The data extraction is structured into a readable, scannable, and optimized format. Resume/CV parsing is a great way to reduce the time it would otherwise take to manually parse resumes and evaluate the candidates of the resumes.

Often, staffing organizations and human resource (HR) professionals receive hundreds of resumes for every open job role. The process for resume evaluation can be long and tiresome where there is no resume parsing software to automate resume screening available.  

That is the precise reason as to why resume parsing software is becoming more widely used in the staffing, HR and government contracting world to date. Technology is after all the bridge between efficiency and productivity for so many industries.

So how does CV/resume parsing work, you ask? 

Great question! We will go into detail further throughout the remainder of this article. 

What is a Resume Parser?

Resume parsing is a unique automation technique that is available through the best resume screening software online. It enables faster parsing, better compliance with job requirements and hiring, and quality standardized resume delivery that are specific to the job role description.    

Many business professionals use resume parsing software to upload unformatted documents and extract data from the given document into a formatted template. 

Here’s the kicker…

The resume/CV parser interprets the extracted data using machine learning to ensure the information is placed into the new format in alignment with the requirements. 

Users can edit or add specific information and keyword phrases following the automatic resume parsing process.

What Information is Extracted from a CV or Resume?

Resume parser software extracts data into manageable sections and can add the data under resume-specific section headers or into a candidate profile to store information for later reference. 

Information is extracted to demonstrate working professional experience, education, technical skills, soft skills, professional certifications, achievements, and other identifiers that the user deems as necessary to showcase the capabilities and qualifications of a proposed candidate. 

Now that you know how a CV/resume parser works, we can help you understand how to select the best resume parser software online.

How to Find the Right CV/Resume Parser Tool?

The right CV/resume parser will offer you and fellow users in your organization the best value according to benefits, features, and cost. The answer depends on your organization type, the industry, and the type of work you do. We alluded to some of those roles before.

Are you a human resource (HR) professional? Are you a government contractor? Do you participate in hiring and resume review? 

These roles and responsibilities benefit greatly from resume parsing technology that offers certain benefits and features. When you are trying to select the right parser system to use, check that it has these features as a bare minimum:

  • Templates provide users with standardized format structures to deliver parsed data that meets requirements and format consistency. 
  • Bulk Import allows users to import several files at once rather than to manually upload each file individually. 
  • Machine Learning capabilities are the secret weapon to enabling your resume parsing tool to configure data in a way that produces the most compliant resume deliveries. 
  • Skills Matrices offer users simplified system components for quick and easy evaluation of candidate skills. 
  • Profile Storage enables users to keep candidate information on file for faster candidate selection, thereby eliminating the time it takes to find qualified candidates.
  • Boolean Search can filter through candidate profiles based on specific keywords and skills to maximize compliance in candidate selection. 
  • Opportunity Tracking allows users to stay aware of opportunities in the pipeline and provide results faster ahead of timelines. 
  • Candidate Sync is key to help users connect with potential candidates or existing hires to ensure accuracy of information and that information is automatically updated as needed. 

Resume parsing tools offer these great features to finetune the resume review process and to help you select the right candidates the first time – reducing attrition and optimizing compliance to client requirements. 

Here are some other really important features that the best resume parsing tool should have: password encryption for secure user sign-in, administrative permissions control, and high storage capacity. 

At the least, the resume parsing software that offers these features is a great choice for your enterprise. Where the tool is designed with your industry in mind, you’re even more equipped for success. 

Benefits of Resume Parsing Software 

No matter what industry you work in or the role you play in your respective organization, resume screening software offers some great benefits.

Quality Resumes 

Of course, one of the primary benefits to using your resume screening parser tool is to be able to deliver a quality document to the client or to management. Resume parsing software helps users produce multiple of quality resumes at once – cutting down the time it would take to parse through resumes manually. 

Did we mention that resume parsing software dedicated to government contractors provides qualifications matrix formats that are designed just for request for resume (RFR) delivery?

Better Compliance 

On that note, let’s get into compliance. The main reason many candidates do not work out once hired and leave the job in under one year is because role compliance is lacking. Resume screening parser tools allow users to do an efficient and accurate screening of candidates prior to resume parsing for better compliance to job role requirements.

Faster Delivery 

Going through hundreds of resumes every day is no fun… and inefficient. Resume parsers simply streamline delivery and enable users to get the job done quicker, and better!

How Does Zbizlink’s Resume Parser Save You Time?

In a few simple steps Zbizlink’s Resume Parser is designed to streamline your resume screening and resume formatting needs. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Create the job requirement.

Step 2: Select candidate(s).

Step 3: Generate the skills matrix.

Step 4: Autofill the RFR/resume template. 

Step 5: Review and download.

It is just that simple. 

Happy Parsing!

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