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The Zbizlink Advantage for Business Proposals

When it comes to preparing proposals, there are a lot of moving parts that have to be taken into account. Governmental RFPs tend to be extremely specific, detailed and exacting, with strict deadlines, and it’s important to have a complete understanding of expectations when navigating through the proposal writing process. All it can take is one missed detail or one misunderstood requirement and the entire proposal might be dismissed, and hours of work scuttled.

Writing proposals almost invariably means lots of stakeholders and SME’s involved in the process, and it’s imperative that they be able to communicate effectively and find the best methods and channels to collaborate in preparing the business proposal.

There are plenty of business proposal management software and proposal templates on the market that help achieve these ends, but few can boast the features that Zbizlink can bring to the table.

During the proposal creation and management process, you need a way to keep information organized and easily accessible for everyone involved. This real-time access to vital information can save so many headaches and delays in the process and can make the difference between putting your proposal over the goal line or seeing it get rejected.

Imagine a proposal management tool that compiles all the information you need in one place, like a SharePoint library that’s populated with RFPs, reports, contracts and any other documents you might need in the proposal creation and management process. Now, imagine it organized so that the files you need can be quickly tracked down by author, solicitation number, bidder, procurement agency, data type or even by a given phrase or keyword. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of digging through a clutter of emails or MS-Office folders to try to find the specific file you need (while the clock is ticking, of course), you’ll appreciate what a powerful proposal tool this could be.

What you need is a way for writers, editors and other stakeholders to have access to the information they need, whenever they need it – a resource that can work online or offline, on any device. It’s the kind of proposal tool that can open doors for you and can let your team collaborate in ways that are clear and direct and can mean the difference between turning in a winning proposal on-time or losing your chance at landing an all-important contract.

Better Proposal Management Software

Templates Management

A few of the features that Zbizlink offers for document control and collaboration:

• User-friendly dashboard for transparent sharing of files and data
• Smart autofill feature and customizable templates to streamline the proposal process
• Control tool that archives every version, with regular backups to the cloud, protecting your content and all your hard work
• Customizable reports that can alert specific users automatically
• Instant notifications and email
• Automatic alerts when a bid solicitation is opened up and is a good fit for your organization’s niche

When it comes to putting together winning proposals that will get you the procurement contracts you need, there’s too much riding on the outcome to take chances. Find out why Zbizlink is the best proposal management software to streamline the process, get your team on the same page, and the results you want.

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