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Support for All Proposal & Bid Professionals

Zbizlink is a proven software solution for professionals and organizations seeking to secure business in the $2 trillion government and commercial procurement market. This single interface supports proposal and bid professionals navigating the full business development lifecycle.

Bid Managers

Qualify complex bids with built-in smart technology to reduce complexity and streamline…

Proposal Managers

Gain increased oversight of team productivity and ensure the quality of final submissions…

Capture Managers

Develop win strategy based on past performance metrics with clear understanding of project…

Proposal Writers

Automate the proposal process and craft clear, responsive documents with organized team…

Proposal Coordinators

Improve production and submission of fully composite documents including resumes,…

Sales and HR Support

Zbizlink supports all functional requirements. Monitor sales pipelines and win rates to…

Automated Workflows

Complex government bids require 30 hours or more per team member to ensure the final proposal submission is compliant and responsive. Efficiency is not an option. It’s a requirement to meet deadline and maximize time.

Automate your workflow across review teams, with business partners, and subsidiary personnel using the SaaS solution that allows you to communicate in real-time, maintain security oversight, and autofill responses with system-led tracking. See how it works below.


Wasting time on the wrong bids equal thousands in sunk costs. Use data-driven recommendations and capability-requirement aligned Qualification Scoring to help you determine bid decision for new opportunities. Past performance data is tracked to measure your success rate for renewable contracts.

Parser Technology

Complex bids deliver 200+ page documents to read, re-read, and qualify. Resource-focused solicitations require drudging through lengthy, jargon-centric resumes for top tier candidates.

Proprietary Parser technology extracts the data that aligns with proposal requirements and enables faster dissection and development for the compliance matrix. Amplify speed and accuracy with parsed (shredded) information that decomplicates RFP and resume review.

Why Choose Us


Futuristic focus

Zbizlink offers numerous features beyond mere proposal preparation and submission. It offers you the solutions you need today to stay ahead of risks before they become a problem. It is the most comprehensive and all-inclusive proposal tool on the market.


Convenience of COTS

Zbizlink is a cloud-based product equipped with integral software requiring little or no customization. Manage your proposal and contracts in one centralized workspace, built to maintain data integrity and support efficient collaboration.


Ease of use

Zbizlink workflows match the way you do business. Getting started with the tool is easy so your team isn’t bogged down with learning something new. Your team can focus on the quality of proposals because getting them done gets faster and easier.

24 / 7

24/7 Access

Zbizlink is accessible to all partners and stakeholders, based on permissions, 24/7 – from any location via mobile or desktop. Your team members can work on the same requirement simultaneously, adhere to proposal timelines, and monitor tracked activity to return to work requirements without confusion.


Competitive edge

Zbizlink goes deeper than just providing a convenient tool for automation. It assesses and compares the performance and eligibility of potential resources and partners. It evaluates past performance and recommends best practices. It performs to achieve tangible, long-term business value.


Unified timelines

Zbizlink syncs data. With constant access to real-time updates and relevant information, such as agency URLs and imported schedules, you will be the first to know of extended due dates, contract awards, addenda, amendments, and released Q&As.

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