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Customer Success Story: Cyber TRAM, Inc. Increases Proposal Output 130 Percent with Zbizlink

About the Client:

Located in Ashburn, VA, Cyber TRAM provides customized, innovative, and valuable information security solutions and proven cybersecurity expertise that enable commercial and federal organizations to successfully achieve their security and business goals. By embracing new technologies, Cyber TRAM helps clients recognize the threats, understand the solutions, and mitigate the risks present in their evolving IT environments.

Client Challenges:

  • Decentralization
  • Overreliance on SMEs
  • Repetitive processes

Direct Impact of Client Challenges:

  • Delayed responses
  • Disorganized teamwork
  • Reduced opportunities

Cyber TRAM, Inc. is comprised of some of the state’s most qualified technical consultants. With more than 12 consultants and one proposal writer actively engaged in million-dollar client projects, responding to government RFPs became a task more cumbersome than what was preferred. As CEO, Faisal Askari, puts it “Things would quickly get out of hand.”

Askari wanted to pursue more government opportunities through RFP response, but decentralization of information, an overreliance on subject matter expert knowledge, and unnecessary replication of processes reduced opportunity pursuits as well as overcomplicated proposal development.

Several SMEs worked on each opportunity, while also juggling other high-level priorities. Information was often lost and had to be retraced, more than 10 hours would be spent fixing last-minute mistakes, and collaboration was next to impossible for coworkers who were in and out of availability. Some form of organization and simplification was desperately needed.

Cyber TRAM sought a better way to streamline their processes.

“We had so much on our plates... It even came to a point of overworking on the same tasks for one bid and we couldn't scale. Zbizlink simplified critical areas that our workload made us overcomplicate.” – Faisal Askari, CEO, Cyber TRAM, Inc. 

Zbizlink was the best RFP response software for the job

Cyber TRAM needed a way to centralize information and take information sharing out of the hands of busy consultants. The best recourse was to find an affordable hosting platform for shared information so that previously created responses and technical data were not left up to memory or dismissed in overwritten Word documents. The firm decided that a third-party tool would save more time than implementing an in-house solution.

  • Zbizlink’s Solution: Centralization is the core of Zbizlink’s interface. Its web-based content library ensures that past performance and boilerplate information is accessible, stored, and searchable. Cyber TRAM migrated technical responses from its most recent 07 proposals into the Zbizlink content library and tagged information with relevant keywords.

Cyber TRAM consultants were bogged down with several tasks and needed a better way to work with the proposal writer and together, as well as a better strategy for RFP responses. Beforehand, RFP response processes would start with an email of attachments, followed with several threads of questions or responses until the submission deadline.

  • Zbizlink’s Solution: Team collaboration is facilitated with tracked communication, instant notifications, and segregated RFP responses. From capture management to proposal submission, stakeholders are encouraged to collaborate with ease. Cyber TRAM consultants leveraged the mobile capabilities of Zbizlink during peak periods and configured the notification settings to only receive information relevant to teams. Collaborative updates, as well as proposal changes, are tracked for quick review – and automatically applied to the proposal.

Overall Results:

Cyber TRAM proposal output increased 130 percent from three submissions per month to seven. Team productivity improved from 50-60 hours per proposal to 30-40, and the firm was able to target a new industry through a strategic, collaborative analysis of bid opportunities.

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